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What’s on my roof?

Many roofs in Minneapolis share one (unfortunate) thing in common: Their shingles are riddled with black streaks. When customers ask about the root cause of this issue, the answer often surprises them.

It isn’t triggered by acid rain, dirt, or even mold. And it isn’t caused by bird droppings and weathering. Streaky roofs have Gloeocapsa Magma to thank for their appearance. This bacteria resembled fungi, and its favorite type of food is your shingles.

The mixture that makes up your roofing material contains limestone. Gloeocapsa eats this substance, and as it does, it grows. That’s where the telltale streaks come into play – it’s a sign that this bacteria is eating up your roof.

A roof cleaning service provides a simple solution to a significant problem. Using a soft wash solution, technicians kill the bacteria, remove the buildup, and deflect growth from recurring in the near future.

With support from your professional window cleaners, your roof can hold onto its quality and its first impression.


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