Spring into Spring With Professional Window Washing

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Spring is the season of renewal. After months of gloomy and grey, colors are emerging as blooms and buds burst forth. The sun is finally shining, warming us and brightening our homes’ interior. It’s the season to air out, declutter, and spruce up your home. One of the most impactful things you can do to make your home sparkle, literally, is to have your windows professionally cleaned. You’ll be amazed at the difference window washing will make in the ambiance and appearance of your home.

Grime, Grease, and Dust: Watch it Disappear

With every rain, sleet, and snow event, your windows become clouded by mineral deposits and accumulate a fine layer of dust and grime. Over time, this layer dulls your windows’ shine, detracts from your view of the outdoors, and makes your home look tired. Think of your windows as your home’s eyes. When they’re coated with a grimy film, their vision is impaired. When they’re professionally cleaned, the effect is like a vision-impaired person putting on a pair of prescription glasses – clarity! Your home’s interior will be brighter and cheerier when the sun is able to shine through film-free window panes.

Window Washing is an Instant Curb Appeal Boost

Window cleaning is one of the only home maintenance projects that transforms the appearance of both your homes interior and exterior. You’ll enjoy a brighter, cleaner-feeling interior, and your neighbors and passersby will see your windows sparkle and shine, which makes your entire home appear clean and well-maintained. A professional window cleaning is the fastest, most affordable way to give your home an instant spring-clean makeover!

A Job Best Left to the Pros

One reason why so many homes’ windows don’t sparkle and shine is because DIY window cleaning usually isn’t effective (not to mention, it’s hard work!) It takes expertise, the right equipment, and earth-friendly cleaners to achieve a streak-free shine. A Step Up has perfected the window-cleaning process and goes above and beyond by cleaning not only window glass, but also window sills, frames, and screens. Book your window washing appointment with confidence – A Step Up guarantees you’ll be 100% happy with the results. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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