Is Your Roof Breaking Compliance with Your Insurance Policy?

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We often silo roof cleaning under the “curb appeal” maintenance plan. But it’s also an important tool to protect your insurance coverage.

What You Need to Know

Most homeowner’s insurance providers include a stipulation in their policy – and it’s focused on your roof. When insurers send an inspector to your property, they examine the condition of your roofing. If they see shingles covered in mold and stains, they report back to your provider. Repercussions include:

  • Costly Fines
    Some companies impose a hefty fine if their inspection finds that your roof has been poorly maintained. It’s an unnecessary expense and highlights the fact that your roof is in trouble.
  • Compromised coverage
    Many insurance providers give a formal warning if they find that your roof isn’t poorly maintained. Without prompt action, you could face a penalty or cancellation.
  • Cancellation of coverage
    In rare cases, insurance providers won’t give you a warning. They’ll simply cancel your insurance policy.

How We Can Help

A Step Up specializes in roof cleaning. We know what it takes to keep your shingles spotless – and we know what it takes to keep your insurance provider happy. Our soft washing service will:

  • Remove mold buildup from areas with high shade and tree cover
  • Eliminate stains and streaks that hurt your curb appeal
  • Preserve the life of your roof by a decade or longer than those who don’t get a regular roof cleaning
  • Maintain compliance with your insurance policy

It’s easy to think of roof cleaning as ‘simply a way to remove black streaks,’ or a method to lock in curb appeal for the long haul. But it also delivers something more. When you invest in your home from the top, the benefits cascade down. Roof cleaning sets the stage for the success of your property – as an investment and a home you love!

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