Pressure Washing Apple Valley MN

Your Surface Cleaning Checklist

When you step outside your home, what do you see? Everyone has a different answer to this one: Maybe you’re proud of your garden, or maybe you love your crisp exterior paint. Maybe your car is the first thing you notice, or maybe you love an old oak tree in your front yard. Moral of…

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Why is Soft Washing Good for Siding?

Siding is strong – but it isn’t invincible. Even though it protects your home exterior from the elements and mother nature alike, it needs its own protection in order to last. An exterior house washing service is a no-brainer if you’re aiming to bring long-term quality to your property. But pressure washing simply won’t work…

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What’s on my roof?

Many roofs in Minneapolis share one (unfortunate) thing in common: Their shingles are riddled with black streaks. When customers ask about the root cause of this issue, the answer often surprises them. It isn’t triggered by acid rain, dirt, or even mold. And it isn’t caused by bird droppings and weathering. Streaky roofs have Gloeocapsa…

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What Time of the Year Should I Get My House Washed?

We’ve made it through the cold, unpredictable winter. And as we’re looking to warmer weather ahead, it’s a great time to start thinking about your home. Here’s the deal: Rain or shine, snow or sleet, your home exterior has to deal with it all. So how do we protect it? The team at A Step…

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Window Cleaning Apple Valley, MN

Window Cleaning for Summer

You’ve made it! You survived through a long winter and a bright summer with beautiful weather stretches ahead. As we approach this time of year, there are innumerable reasons that window cleaning should be a part of your annual maintenance schedule – from energy to the ambiance – but one reason always makes the top…

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Roof Washing Apple Valley MN

3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Cleaned This Season

Vacation funds, keeping cool, wowing the neighbors – there are a whole host of benefits to a clean roof. Here are our top reasons: Cost savings Would you rather spend money on a new roof or a vacation? Regular roof cleanings ensure that you can always plan the trip… and not the roof replacement. Curb…

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