The Science of Curb Appeal

Imagine your property. Now imagine that you’re looking at it from the curb. What elements create that difference between a home that makes you wince when you pull into the driveway… And a home that makes you proud? Curb appeal can feel like a science, but we have (hopefully relieving!) news for you: It’s really…

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Is Your Roof Breaking Compliance with Your Insurance Policy?

We often silo roof cleaning under the “curb appeal” maintenance plan. But it’s also an important tool to protect your insurance coverage. What You Need to Know Most homeowner’s insurance providers include a stipulation in their policy – and it’s focused on your roof. When insurers send an inspector to your property, they examine the…

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Roof Washing Apple Valley MN

Solving the Mystery of Black Streaks

You know that roof cleaning is a service you should schedule for your home regularly. But do you know why? It all boils down to one primary issue: black streaks. What are they? Black streaks describe how the eyesore looks, but it doesn’t shed any light on what they actually are. So many clients are surprised when we…

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Prevent Last Year's Property Maintenance with Clean Gutters

Autumn should bring those warm, fuzzy, and crisp feelings – not flashbacks of nightmarish property maintenance projects from the year before. If you needed a dose of silver lining, then look to gutter cleaning. This simple service is one of the most effective ways to preserve your property season after season, year after year. Below,…

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Get Your Home "Autumnized" with Gutter Cleaning

You’ve got the house – a little slice of Minnesota goodness, just for you and your property. But do you have a gutter cleaning schedule in place that will carry that slice of goodness from season to season? A Step Up Pressure Washing is here to help. Our team will get your gutters back in…

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Best Practices for Curb Appeal

Every property strives for “stop in your track” status – but only if it’s for the right reasons. Your curb appeal experts at A Step Up have the magic formula for success! And it all starts with having a solid property maintenance plan in place. 4 Steps to Property Success Curb appeal. It’s a word…

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Curb Appeal Sells Homes

“Location, location, location” is the hallmark of a fast real estate sale. But a memorable first impression can go a long way, too. So before you put your home on the market, it’s important to make sure that you have everything exterior cleaning measured checked off the to-do list. Your Exterior Cleaning Checklist for a…

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House Washing

Soft Washing: Why It is Important for Your Siding

When it comes to your property, we have a long-term vision. A quick fix or band-aid solution won’t cut it: We want a cleaning solution that delivers an impact that will stick around. Enter soft washing. This cleaning approach is the safest, the most effective, and the longest-lasting exterior washing system in the industry. The…

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Top Siding Eyesores (and How to Erase Them)

Dirty siding can feel a lot like a stained shirt. You don’t always notice the eyesore at first – but once you do, it’s all you can focus on. And whereas your shirt might have a laundromat come to the rescue, your siding has house washing to erase the issue. What is that on my…

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Can Clean Windows Slash Your Energy Bill?

Bright, beautiful, and squeaky clean windows are an instant win for curb appeal. But can they also lend your wallet a hand? The answer will make your budget happy: yes! Clean Windows = Cost Savings First, it’s important to know the anatomy of a dirty window. These surfaces are coated with a thin, often imperceptible…

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